Up Tower/On Site

  • Remote Visual Inspection;
  • Vibrations Measurement and Analisys;
  • Alignments;
  • Thermography;
  • Management, Monitoring and Auditing to the Maintenance Function;
  • Maintenance Plans Development;
  • Wind Turbine Generator Bearings Replacement;
  • Gearboxes High Speed Shaft Bearings Up Tower Replacement.

Gearboxes High Speed Shaft Bearings Up Tower Replacement

Factory Services

  • Gearbox Repair and Refurbishment;
  • HUBS Repair;
  • Main Shaft Repair;
  • Mechanical Elements Repair, Maintenance and Manufacture;
  • Gears Repair and Manufacture;
  • Quality Control;
  • Gearbox Load Test Up to 2.0Mw;
  • Remote Visual Inspection;
  • Vibration Analisys;
  • Alignments;
  • Thermography;
  • Reverse Engineering.

Gearbox Repair

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